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Every OKSMA meeting we have
Drag and Brag
Our members bring their finished projects and share sewing tips.
Come see a demo of a new sewing technique at each OKSMA meeting. purse demo
Iron or Press?
Make a Purse Demo

Instruction sheets provided.
Tips and Hints Included
Then everybody gets in the act.

But not before we eat.

After you, no, after you...

For Preemie cap chain 31
for Newborn cap chain 36
ROW 1: Double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook. Double crochet in each chain until you have only eight (8) chains left. In the next four (4) chains do a half double crochet. In the remaining fur (4) chains, single crochet in each. Chain one and turn.

Row 2: Single crochet in back of stitch in next four (4) single crochets. In next four (4) half double crochets, half double crochet in back of each stitch. Double crochet across remaining stitches in the back of stitch. Chain three (3) and turn.

This is repeated until you have the size you want. For Preemies 21 rows. For Newborns 25 rows. Tie off leaving about a yard and a half of yarn to finish cap. Gather across crown of cap and sew. Crochet side seam together and weave in end of yarn.

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