Oklahoma Sewing Machine Artists

Sewing Machine

Oklahoma Sewing Machine Artists
First meeting at HCE pictures
Sign in and fill out drag and brag sheet.

Let's see, what did I do last month?

Before and after the meeting, we share the latest crafts, patterns and stitches we learned.
We have a different speaker each month to teach us about a new product, needlecraft,
or sewing machine technique.
We have something for everyone to enjoy.
New friends, great OKSMA leaders.
We have delicious snacks brought by OKSMA Hospitality Committee.
February was our first month in the Home Community Education Auditorium.

Tell us how you made that great coat!

Make a long robe for these cold nights!

Or fleece coat!
Drag and brag about your accomplishments.
Show off your handiwork.
Demonstrate a new product or craft.

And more sharing sewing tips!
Oklahoma Sewing Machine Artists
Artists Haunt craft, fabric and art supplies

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